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Ovation Builders is active in the greater Charlottesville residential market, remodeling existing homes as well as period structures and restoration work. We provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship, competitive pricing, excellent communication skills and on-time completion. Our full time accomplished crew has the experience and skill to build in any type of building and architectural style.

Ovation Builders is a mid sized custom builder that specializes in residential construction. We build many new homes but we are particularly skilled in the renovation and additions to existing buildings. Not all builders are adept with dealing with the challenges that existing structures that are not plumb or square offer. We have the experience and expertise to make new work blend seamlessly with the old.

We work very hard for our clients long before the hammer hits the first nail. We prepare detailed estimates based on several site meetings with our team of subcontractors. We price out all items required to deliver a complete project and prepare detailed spread sheets to itemize all job costs in great detail. We prepare week by week schedules and share all information in an open and transparent manner with all our clients.

In many cases our clients are living in their homes while the work is going on. Our crews understand that they are working in your house- not that you are living in our work area. We know how to protect finishes, minimize dust, and manage a construction site around the daily lifestyle of your family’s needs.

Tony Wilson, owner and manager of the LLC, has been in the residential construction business for over 32 years. His career started in the Los Angeles area building in many different building styles- Traditional, Mediterranean, Spanish, English to name a few. With his partner at the time, their firm won a prestigious Golden Nugget Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for the best remodel in their division.

Tony and his family moved to Free Union in 1995 and worked for a Abrahamse & Co. for 6 years, becoming one of several equity owners, before leaving to start Ovation Builders in 2002.

Tom Donohue has been with Ovation Builders since 2005 and has become an integral part of the company. Tom is actively involved in all aspects of the company including bidding and project supervision. Tom has a background of skilled carpentry having worked as both a framer and trim carpenter. Tom is married and has two daughters.

 • All business transactions should be transparent
 • Clear communication documented in writing
 • Prices established by bidding in detail
 • Schedules provided in writing
 • No “extras” without client authorization by client in advance
 • Most of the “usual” construction problems can be avoided by proper pre-planning

For over a decade, Ovation Builders has been active in the greater Charlottesville residential market. Our customers are seeking a contractor providing the highest quality workmanship, competitive pricing, excellent communications skills, and on time completion.

We have worked with many of the areas better architects and are able to deliver top quality projects within established budgets and time frames. Because we do not represent ourselves as design/build contractors, we generally have a design/architect that we must satisfy in addition to our client. This creates a project with a tighter quality control than working with design/builders who do not have an architect to answer to — someone who is watching out for both the aesthetics of the project as well as the owner's pocketbook.

Our project managers and supervisors write detailed contracts with our subcontractors and suppliers with stipulated start and completion dates. Schedules are kept on each project and shared with clients so that progress can be gauged weekly. Changes in the work requested by the owner are documented and priced for the client's approval prior to starting extra work. This allows the client to understand in advance what impact his or her changes will have both on the budget and the schedule. Good communication between the contractor and client ( and architect) is part of our job.

We have an accomplished crew of carpenters that work for us on a full time basis. Our company crew of framers and trim carpenters have the experience and skill to build in any number of different building and architectural styles.

Not every good builder is adept at remodeling. We at Ovation Builders have the experience and ability to make a potentially exasperating experience for both the builder and customer alike go smoothly and enjoyably.

We take great pride in making remodels and additions look like they were all build contemporaneously with the existing structure. Our employees have the ability to blend the new with the old resulting in the work that flows seamlessly from one end to the other.

Attention to detail is an attitude that both our work crews and supervisors share. This attitude of excellence goes far beyond the actual construction. Our people know how to cover, seal, protect, and keep the work safe and clean. This creates an safe environment for our subcontractors where things are neat, clean and organized — one in which the subcontractors understand that certain standards are expected and maintained by us. This sets a standard for all. We understand that we are working in your home — not that you are living in our construction site. Many builders with limited remodeling experience fail to understand this concept.

When it comes to restoration work, we have the resources to match many materials that are no longer sold over-the-counter. Whether we need to make new moldings to duplicate existing, locate period plumbing or lighting fixtures, or even cast new hardware - we have the sources to handle any or all of these issues. Our crews have experience in restoring foundations, repairing dry-rot, and are familiar with both eighteenth and nineteenth century construction techniques.

We build in many different architectural styles. With a 32 year career that started in Los Angeles, Tony has built in many different architectural styles- Traditional, Contemporary, Craftsman, Mediterranean, Spanish, English, & Adobe, to mention a few. We have worked on many period homes both renovating, restoring, and building architecturally appropriate additions and outbuildings.