Solid Custom Construction

At Ovation Builders, we take a personalized approach to each remodeling or restoration project. We will work hard to ensure that we leave your family with a beautiful and functional end result that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.

Our Services

Ovation Builders is a Class A contracting company that offers a full range of remodeling construction services from large-scale projects to small bathroom and kitchen remodels. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of construction and has the experience to deliver top-quality workmanship along with keeping the customer's home clean and tidy during the construction process. When we do all of our demo and interior structural work, our employees know that we are working in a client’s home and not that the client is living in a construction zone. We take job-site organization and cleanliness very seriously since clients are typically living in the home during the remodeling process.

We also work closely with architects and clients early on in the design process to help create budgets as plans are being developed to help keep a design from overrunning the budget. This is very helpful for all parties in order to get a project moving in a timely fashion along with a design and budget that works. Our estimates are clear and show a detailed cost breakdown to help customers and designers see every aspect of cost.

Once a project has begun our team begins with finish protection by installing dust barriers and isolating the work from the living space. Our goal is to keep clients as comfortable as possible during the construction process. Our team works hard to keep things moving on schedule and on budget throughout the entire process. We encourage weekly meetings with clients and designers and any measure that helps keeps everyone up to date during construction. Open communication and transparency are essential to having a successful project from start to finish.

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